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Sonic Measuring Video

Almost all home improvement jobs will involve measuring. You have to measure to cut plywood, rough lumber, carpets, etc. For years, the tape measure was the standard for measuring up to 30 feet. Beyond that, you needed a tape rule. Some times on these long measurements, you need a helper to hold one end of the tape.

But with a new sonic measure, also called a digital tape measure, you can do these measurements by yourself. Just aim from one point to the next and it will give you a digital read out of the distance. It can also figure an area measurement which lets you know how many square feet of tile or hardwood flooring you will need. The volume of a room can be figured. This handy tool does all the math for you.

This device sends out an ultrasonic sound wave and measures the reflection back to itself. The tool has a small laser light to aid you in aiming the tool. The measurement is done with the sound waves. The measurement is from the bottom of the sonic tape measure. This is helpful so you can just place it against the wall and measure to the other side of the room.

If you are a tool freak, this sonic tape measure has to be in your toolbox.


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