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Sources of Custom Trim & Woodwork


Sources of Custom Trim & Woodwork

Koetter Woodworking Inc.

This company creates enormous amounts of custom trim that is sold to traditional lumber yards and some home centers. They make all sorts of trim and they might have a stock profile that will suit your needs.

Paxton-The Wood Source

This is a company that sells very unique woodwork made from unusual wood species. They are limited in their national distribution, but you might be lucky and have one near you or they may ship to you. They are in the following cities: Albuquerque, Austin, Cincinnati, Denver, Des Moines, Grand Prairie, Kansas City, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa. There is no single phone number for all.

Molding profile possibilities are infinite. A woodworking mill can design and create any profile you desire. It is just a simple matter of making the cutting knife that fits into the shaping machine.

In my home town of Cincinnati, we have no fewer than five mills that will readily make any molding knife that you want. They will then mill just about any wood species you want with that knife. So, if you want walnut woodwork, or cherry, or zebrawood, it is yours for the asking.

The high-strength steel knives that shape the molding can be ground by hand or they can be made with highly sophisticated milling machines that are computer controlled. One set of knives can remain sharp enough to cut thousands and thousands of linear feet of trim.

The best place to start looking for custom trim is your local lumberyard. They almost always have contacts for custom trim. If you want other places, use the Search feature on this page and type "Woodwork" or "Woodworking Mills" or a similar type heading. Put on your Columbo trench coat and start acting like a detective. Get comparative prices and remember that the more trim you buy the cheaper the price is per linear foot!

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