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Specialized Drywall Primer & Drywall Sealer Products

Drywall Primer & Drywall Sealers

Drywall, and the compounds which are used to hide the nails and joints, are a witch's brew of different textures and porosities.

If you are fortunate to have either good eyesight or powerful bifocals like me, take a close look at a piece of drywall. I mean a really close look. Use a magnifying glass if necessary.

You should quickly notice that the paper surface of the drywall is not smooth. In fact, it is actually quite rough. This is intentional. The paper must be rough so the joint compound treatments stick to it.

On the other hand, the joint compound treatments, when sanded, are quite smooth. To make matters worse, the paper is not as porous as the joint compound.

This means that if you want a perfectly good looking paint job, you need to use a primer that will fill in the rough areas and a sealer which will address the different porosities.

Wouldn't it be great if you could get one paint which would do both? You can!

Manufacturers of Specialized Drywall Primer & Sealer Paints

  • Behr
  • Benjamin Moore & Company
  • Duron Paints
  • Gardner-Gibson
  • Martin Senour Paints
  • Pratt & Lambert, Inc.
  • Sherwin Williams Company
  • USG Corporation

Each of these manufacturers makes a specialized primer/sealer for new drywall work. If your drywall has already been painted with the wrong product, it is not a problem. As long as you apply these specialized products to a clean, dry surface, you should obtain spectacular results. Be sure to apply the primer/sealers at the recommended rate. Do not thin the products or spread too thinly.

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