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Specific Building Plans Help Avoid Delays

Tips for Minimizing Project Delays

Project delays can occur for many reasons. Some are avoidable and some are not. You should focus on the avoidable reasons when you are getting ready for your next project. Include in your scheduling some type of contingency for unavoidable delays.

Excellent plans and specifications are a necessity. Generally speaking, if you have an excellent set of plans you will avoid surprises and change orders. Both of these can create havoc in scheduling, especially change orders. Change orders usually can be traced back to poor planning, because you or the architect did not explore or think out all possibilities. Most contractors hate change orders.

In the bidding stage, quiz all of the contractors about the length of time your project will take. Ask them to produce, along with their price quotation, a simple project time line chart. Tell them it does not have to be fancy. Compare the charts and make your judgment. If a submitted chart is incomplete or inaccurate, how well do you think that contractor will perform?????

You have a responsibility to make timely material selections. Look ahead on the time line chart and give yourself plenty of time to make decisions. Don't underestimate this process, especially if your project is large and you have many things to select. Believe me, you can spend 3-4 hours just looking at sinks, faucets, and countertops. Selecting cabinets can take days.

Chart the progress of your project. Quiz your contractor as to whether or not things are on schedule. If a problem develops, ask what is being done. Ask if there is a way to get back on schedule. Openly communicate with your contractor. If he has a problem, try to be understanding. Remember, he is already under pressure. If you turn up the heat, it probably will only make things worse. However, delays caused by inaction by the contractor should be dealt with immediately. Tell him you're HOT!

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