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Sprinkler Systems Video

Automatic fire sprinklers can be installed in a new home or your existing home. Smoke detectors are good, but fire sprinklers, along with the a smoke detector, are better. These sprinklers can protect you and your family from fires, which can be extremely destructive.

A fire can strike at any time and without notice. House fires are very destructive and dangerous. What can you do to protect my home? Smoke detectors are a good start, but they don't do anything if you are not at home.

A home sprinkler system can be installed during the construction of a new home or added to your existing house. If the temperature in the room reaches the level to activate the sprinkler head, the glass vial breaks and the water starts to flow. Unlike the movies, only the sprinkler head in the area of the fire will activate. Not all of them at once. Typically, a fire can be extinguished with a hundred gallons of water. A lot less than the fire department will pump into your house. This will cut back on water damage to the house.

New fire sprinkler heads recess into your ceiling. All that is seen is the round flat cap. The sprinkler components are located above the ceiling. If a fire occurs, the spring load sprinkler head will pop out of the ceiling and start spraying water. The sprinkler heads simply get soldered into the copper water lines.


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