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SS Before & After

Stain Solver Before & After Pictures

Here are the captions: The first one is algae and mold in cat water dish that was found after being outdoors for 3 months. The second one is a customer showing before/after on dirty cedar siding. Remarkable! The third is a grape jelly stain on an office chair. When you read the woman's testimonial, you can't believe it. She just dabbed some of the Stain Solver solution on and 20 or so minutes later it was gone. The picture doesn't lie. The fourth is a cedar deck. Can you believe that difference? The fifth is a iced-tea maker container soaked in Stain Solver. The after looks brand new. The sixth is dirty floor tile grout that now looks new. Look at the pink cheese cloth stained by wine. After soaking in Stain Solver, they look new. Below that is a before/after on a deck. You can see the photo was taken at the same spot. See the chair behind the glass doors? Then look at the custom jacket. See the gross red bleed stains on the left. Stain Solver SAVED the day!!!!! Each image (almost all) has been reduced to 300px wide in this view. The images are linked to the full size image, stored on the ATB Site.

Click on any image to view the larger image. Then it can be saved.

Or FTP to askthebuilder.com/httpdocs/artman212/uploads/1/SS_Before_After to get all the pictures.

Dish Before Dish After
Cedar Siding Siding Clean
Chair 01 Chair 2
Clean Deck Deck
Coffee Before Coffee After
Tile Before Tile after
Rags Before Rags After
Ron's Deck Before Ron's Deck After
Ron's Deck Combo Fowler's Deck
Riding Jacket Before Riding Jacket After

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