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Stained Glass Shops

Stained Glass Shops / Fabricators

Here is a partial list of stained glass shops that will assist in the design of a panel(s) for your door. Many, if not all, of these shops will build and ship the panels to you. This can be a problem if you don't measure accurately or if you misrepresent the conditions somehow. You can protect yourself by making a template that fits the opening, and/or taking excellent close up photographs of the door profile so that you clearly communicate what you have. These shops know how to get the right information, you just want to make sure all of the bases are covered. Don't hesitate to open your own Yellow Pages to see if there is a "Glass-Stained" heading. If so, visit the shops and see if they can build a custom panel for you.

  • Glass by Design
  • Custom Glass Doors
  • Alpine Stained Glass
  • Beveled Glass Designs
  • Wayne Cain Architectural Art Glass
  • Art Glass Works
  • Kessler Studios
  • Shadetree Studios Inc.
  • Stained Glass Overlay
  • Williams Stained Glass

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