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Stainless Steel Screws Video

Remember that outdoor project you did? That deck or kids swing set? Where you had to fastener two pieces of wood together. You might have used nails as fasteners. That nail might have started pulling out of the wood already. Or started rusting.

There are nails and screws that can be used that hold better and are rust-proof. Galvanized nails with a ring type shank have great holding power. There are galvanized nails with a spiral shank also. If you use galvanized screws, be sure they have a coarse thread. Be sure these nails or screws are hot dipped galvanized.

Another alternative is stainless steel screws. It has several features that make it superior to galvanized nails. First, it has a self-drilling tip. Second at the end of the threads, it features a knurled edge that drills a hold for the screw shank so it does not split the wood. Additionally just under the screw head, it has little teeth that create a countersink for the screw head.

Use stainless steel screws on your project for better holding power and no rust.


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