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Stencil Companies

Stencil Sources

Probably the first place to look for some stencils is at your local craft store. There are two national chains located in my town. They are Michael's and Franks. Both have a good selection of simple stencils and overlay stencils.

I would also consider going on the Web. I went to one Search Engine and found several stencil companies that have a wide assortment of simple and overlay stencils. One of the companies - Priscille's Stencils - had a very cool construction equipment stencil for a young boy's room!

Simply spend some time on the Web and you will undoubtedly find 10 to 15 stencil companies.

Other Stencil Companies

Here is a list of stencil companies that I was able to gather with my wife's help. All of these companies make stencils that are very cool. Many of the stencils also tell you right on the package what colors to use to duplicate the pattern that you actually see. There is virtually no guess work. You simply need to practice yourself.

  • Stencil Ease
    This company makes a swell collection of overlay stencils.

  • Provo Craft
    They have lots of animal and vegetable stencils.
  • Delta Technical Coatings
    These guys have a huge selection of stencils. You will not be disappointed with this company.
  • Plaid Enterprises, Inc.
    They make some fine overlay stencils!

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