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Sticky Hand Tool Handles Survey

Please take the following survey if you have hand tools with sticky handles.


2 Responses to Sticky Hand Tool Handles Survey

  1. Tim, have had rubber/soft plastic items go sticky after getting paint on them after say clear coating an item and painting over the rubber. Stay sticky forever without treatment. Admit in some cases I just roll them in dust and smash it on. It is like taking masking tape and getting the adhesive all dirty so it won't stick anymore. Sometimes handling the tools with cloth gloves pulls the sticky stuff on to the gloves. They are tools, meant to be disgusting.

  2. There used to be a liquid rubber compound for coating things like tool handles....dip 'em in and remove, then hang to dry for a day or so. Don't know if it's still sold, but that could be a relatively easy cure. I used it 15 years ago to coat the handles of a favorite pliers tool.

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