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STIHL AK30 Battery Review

stihl ak30

The STIHL AK30 lithium-ion battery. It's got much more power than version #1, the AK20. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

STIHL AK30 Battery - Same Size As AK20 But Way More Power

The STIHL AK30 lithium-ion battery pack is loaded with power. Lots of it.

It's 36 volts and has a 4.8 aH rating. That's fancy talk for your tool will run a much longer time.

STIHL AK30 Comparison Table

The first version of this battery was the AK20. This was the battery used when STIHL introduced their line of cordless trimmers, chainsaws, blowers, and hedge trimmers.

Look at how the AK30 will deliver more work on a single charge:

AK20 AK30
Weight 2.7 lbs. 2.9 lbs.
Battery Power 100 Wh 187 Wh
Rated Voltage 36 volts 36 volts
Amp Hours 2.8 Ah 4.8 Ah


stihl ak30

Here are the specs for the STIHL AK30. It's a sticker right on the battery. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

Where Can I Buy the AK30?

You can only buy this battery at dealers across the USA. STIHL does not sell at their website nor do they sell their products on Amazon.com.

CLICK HERE to find the closest dealer to you.

Will the AK30 Fit in My STIHL Cordless Tools?

Yes, the AK30 battery case is the exact same size as the original AK20 that came with your cordless tool.



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