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Stop Parquet Floor Delamination

Quick Column Summary:

  • Parquet flooring on tile delaminating
  • Organic mastic can't form bond
  • Adhesive chain

Joe McGarvey lives in a house in Glenview, IL where the oak parquet flooring is unruly.

"My 30-yr, oak parquet floor, adhesively bonded to porcelain tile, has begun to delaminate.

What is the best way to stop this delamination?"

Joe, I've got bad news for you. I don't think there's a way to stop the problem.

Expecting an organic mastic - I assume that's what was used under the wood - to hold to a very smooth porcelain tile - is asking much.

It's all about the adhesive chain when you decide to glue things to other things.

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I would just scrape old adhesive from the wood flooring or tile and re-glue them when they come up.


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