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Stop Street Noise Through Windows

Quick Column Summary:

  • Soundproofing windows
  • High quality storm windows might help
  • Sound leaks into any air gap in your home
  • Link to sound control information

Arlene Vargus, who lives on a race track street in Lynn, MA has a problem.

"I live on  a noisy street and want to soundproof my three double-hung windows.

Would adding regular store-bought storm windows installed outside existing windows work to cancel most of the car and motorcycle noise?"

Arlene, the storm windows might work if they're really high quality.

Read this past column of mine about Sound and Noise Control and you'll discover how HARD it is to minimize street noise leaking into your home.

Here's what you need to know about noise. Imagine if you could fill your house with water. Where would the water leak out? 

Any place where the water would leak out as you fill the rooms, this is where the SOUND from the street is LEAKING IN.

Your task, to stop the noise, is to plug all air leaks.



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