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Stop Woodpecker From Pecking House

stop woodpecker

Here's where the devil woodpecker was munching on my house. See the aluminum sheet behind the bottle? You should see the size of the hole he created two weeks ago! CLICK THE PHOTO NOW to have the magic hot sauce I used delivered to your door.

Stop Woodpecker

I had a "Stop Woodpecker" sign up on my roof fascia board, but it didn't do any good.

As a matter of fact, I installed aluminum sheet metal thinking he'd go away.

White Hot Woodpecker Victory!

I had success once I started thinking about what made my eyes water.

Was there a way to make the wood distasteful so the woodpecker would leave?

Hot sauce! Of course, why didn't I think of it before?

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Stop Woodpecker and Grab Some Water!

I think birds hate hot sauce. The most compelling evidence lies in my experiments.

A few days ago I tried standard Tabasco sauce. It contains aged red peppers and vinegar.

It worked for a day, but then the invader bird came back enlarging the hole looking for tasty insects.

Goya Hot Sauce Rules

This afternoon he was back. Peck peck peck. I was determined to win.

I ran downstairs and grabbed my small squirt gun and rummaged through the spice cabinet.

Stop Woodpecker

Want to stop a woodpecker? Use this weapon to deploy a film of white-hot hot sauce on the wood! CLICK THE GUNS NOW to have these delivered to your home!

Boom! There it was. Goya Hot Sauce.

I twisted open the cap and the fumes about killed me.

Hot Sauce to stop Woodpeckers

This is the ticket. Want to stop woodpeckers at your home? Spray this on your wood. CLICK THE SAUCE BOTTLES NOW TO HAVE THIS MAGIC NECTAR delivered to your home!

I made a 50/50 mixture (half hot sauce and half water) and went outdoors.

The miscreant bird saw me coming and flew off. I then soaked all the wood with the hot sauce solution.

It's been hours and he's not returned. In the past it only took him a few minutes to come back to continue his mission of destruction on my home.

Periodic Spraying

I intend to spray the wood every few days to keep the woodpecker away. It's my hope that he'll discover some other better food source or fly farther away.

Let me know in the comments below how Goya worked for you!



10 Responses to Stop Woodpecker From Pecking House

  1. had trouble with migrating yellow bellied sap suckers attacking the foam archeticual accent blocks on my stucco house.
    I found a site that sold sound activated giant spiders / ( BIRDS-AWAY ATTACK SPIDER . They worked well, but climbing up to check / change the batteries was the weak link.
    being a gardener I had on hand bird netting. I cut relatively small patches & secured them from cup hooks on the high corners they apparently liked, never had a problem again

  2. Actually, there are bird seed mixes which intentionally include hot pepper (capsaicin) because birds don't care but it deters squirrels. Can't say if this works or not.

    It's possible that the hot sauce on the wood is an irritant to the woodpecker in other ways besides "taste" or smell. I'm glad you found a humane way to keep him off!

  3. There is a shiny roll I use that I got from Amazon. It reflects the sun on both sides. Attach about 18" using a push pin in your trim. I reinforce it with duct tape at the push pin. The wind takes it and it flickers and makes some noise. Works excellent, lasts for a few years, very inexpensive.

  4. Get rid of the bugs that are drawing the woodpecker. Check if you have water damaging wood to make an hospitable place for the bugs.

  5. We had a pesky woodpecker right outside my church office. I purchased a fake owl that has a head that moves around in the breeze. I placed it near the affected area and that did the trick. Less than $15 at the big box home improvement store.

  6. My son and I do home inspections full time and encounter woodpecker damage occasionally on various wood or wood product exterior components. We were reporting woodpecker damage to a lake home and our client turned out to be an ornithologist. He told us that they were not always looking for food. He said a lot of the damage to non-nutritional components was territorial marking. That may explain the repeated return to damage components where the likelihood of finding insects is zero.

  7. If you're like me you have a hundred old CDs in the cellar looking for reuse. Hang them on a horizontal nail and bend the end up so they don't fall off. See if that scares away the critters.

    I find a hole punch makes clean holes near the edge and they hang better.

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