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Storage Buildings III – Roofing/Trim/Skylights


Roof Framing

You are going to cut the rafters yourself. It is simple. Use a framing square to make a 5/12 pitch roof. See materials list for the rafter lengths. Set the rafters two feet on center starting from one end. Remember, center measurements start at the outer edge of the first rafter, not its center! Install the 1/2 inch roof plywood with the plyclips. The plyclips are used in between the rafters where the next row begins.

Roofing and Trim

Follow the directions on the inside of the shingle pack to install the roofing shingles. This roofing job should only take 3 hours. Be sure to use felt paper under the shingles.

The acrylic skylights are easy. You simply make the acrylic sheet six inches wider and longer than the opening you have made in the roof. Drill three 1/8 inch holes in one inch from each edge on each side. Slide the clear plastic up under the shingles at the top of the opening. Caulk with clear silicone under the edges and the bottom. Nail through the predrilled holes gently! Too tight and you will crack the sheet.

Install the rough swan cedar trim as shown. It is really easy to apply. Remember, if you prestain or paint on all sides, edges, and cut edges, your paint/stain job will last much longer. Take your time and think before you cut or nail. Always check for things to be plumb, level and square!

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