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Storm and Hail Damage

The following pictures are from Trudy whose town was hit during the recent storms. I have requested that she provides After pictures once these buildings are repaired. But for now, we only have the Before images.

"Hi Tim,

Here is a start of some hail damage pictures. These pictures are of my nephew's garage. The one with the tarp is his double-wide trailer. Probably a good third of our town has this much damage. We live about a mile from him.

I kept nagging my husband to look for damage on our house, but he said we wouldn't have enough to turn in to insurance.

I finally got the contractor and adjuster both here. We are getting a new roof on our house, house garage and separate back garage. All new gutters and downspouts both places. An upstairs window. The vinyl under the gutters and down a little of the side of the house (fascia and soffit).

Our back garage has vinyl siding, and it has to have a new back and two lights replaced. My gazing ball and solar light were damaged, as well as crawlspace vent covers, etc. But if you drove by, you would think we had no damage.

Oh, we have a one and ½ story and the sides of the dormers are being replaced as they are vinyl.

It knocked out many windshields and/or back windows. My son's girlfriend's car had $8,500 damage. My sister-in-law's van was totaled."

Trudy Bledsoe

Hail Damage
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