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Stucco – Colorizing & EIFS Manufacturers

Cement Stucco Stains & Water Repellents

Following is a partial listing of cement stain and water repellent manufacturers. If you have a cement stucco house and wish to colorize it or leave it natural and protect it from the weather, it is possible to do so with some of the modern products. Painting stucco is not a bad idea, however, if water vapor wishes to escape, it will "push" the paint off of the stucco. Some of the companies have water based products that are very environmental. Beware of film forming clear sealants!! Look for clear products that are either silanes, siloxanes, or a blend of the two ingredients. Do not use silicone based products!!!! Also, watch out for products that contain paraffin. These form a film and rarely are they able to breathe. This can spell big trouble if you live in a cold climate!

  • Andek Chemical Corp.
  • Dyco Paints Inc.
  • ChemRex Hydrozo
  • Fuller - O'Brien
  • Saver Systems

EIFS System Manufacturers

Here is a list of the major manufacturers of the EIFS synthetic stucco systems. At the present time, USG Corporation is the only manufacturer that offers a system which addresses water infiltration problems. Check out the manufacturers and have them send you information regarding color selections, characteristics, and availability. A few minutes of your time will yield huge results.

  • Dryvit Systems
  • Finestone
  • Omega Products
  • Parex Inc.
  • Pleko Products
  • Senergy, Inc.
  • Sto Corporation

Cement Stucco Installation Manual

If you want to encase your home in rock, then you will need to read the Portland Cement Plaster/Stucco Manual. This is an excellent publication written by the staff members of the Portland Cement Association.

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