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Suggested Thermostat Settings

Suggested Thermostat Settings

When you purchase a programmable thermostat, it will come with instructions and possibly a booklet of suggested settings for the four different periods of time. Most of the thermostats come from the factory with pre-programmed settings. Beware, these may not suit your needs! If you have a strange schedule or jump out of bed and rush out the door, you can save money and be more comfortable if you take the time to customize the settings. What's more, the factory settings assume you work Monday through Friday and have the weekends off. It seems today that is the exception rather than the rule. So many of us have weird schedules. The point is, take the time and set up your thermostat. Be sure to see if your new thermostat is equipped with the Adaptive Intelligent Recovery feature. If it has this money saving intelligence, use it!

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The first table contains suggested settings for the days you leave the house and go to work. The second table has settings for your off days you run errands and are home for most of the day. The temperatures I picked work for me. You may want them to be much hotter or cooler.

Workday Settings

Period Start Time Heat Setting Cool Setting Fan Mode
Wake 5:45 am 67F /  19C 78F / 25C Auto
Leave 7:30 am 61F / 16C 84F / 29C Auto
Return 5:30 pm 67F / 19C 78F / 25C Auto
Sleep 9:30 pm 61F / 16C 81F / 27C Auto

Offday Settings

Period Start Time Heat Setting Cool Setting Fan Mode
Wake 7:30 am 67F / 19C 78F / 25C Auto
Leave 9:00 am 61F / 16C 84F / 29C Auto
Return 1:30 pm 67F / 19C 78F / 25C Auto
Sleep 10:30 pm 61F / 16C 81F / 27C Auto

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  1. I live about 8 or 9 monts a year in the Chicago area and the other 3 or 4 months a year I spend the winter months in Florida.What setting should I leave my thermostat on while I am gone for the winter?

  2. many of our new construction customers use there home limited times of the year.
    Wilmington nc (coastal area)

    What minimum thermostat settings should we recommend to avoid microbial growth in the summer and freezing pipes in the winter?


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