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Sunroom Ceiling Ideas – Vault it & Beadboard

Sunroom vaulted wood ceiling

Sunroom Ceiling Ideas - Go Big & High

The sunroom is a room at the right rear corner of my house. You can access it from either the kitchen or the dining room. It's the private domain of my lovely wife Kathy. She has a green thumb both inside and outside the home. Her creations complement the black thumbs I sometimes get when I strike one with a hammer from time to time!

The house I live in has been a labor of love. As happens with many builders, their own house just doesn't seem to get finished before they jump feet first into another project. That happened to me.

When Did You Finish Your Sunroom?

It is a very long story, but this room sat unfinished for years. My oldest daughter Meghan jump-started me this past Thanksgiving to finally get the room finished for Kathy as a Christmas present. It happened with some help from a college sophomore apprentice and the entire family helped install the slate floor.

Sunroom Shots

What is your Sunroom Ceiling Wood?

The biggest challenge was the Douglas Fir beadboard ceiling. I did the entire thing myself and the countless trips up and down the scaffolding put me back in great shape. I felt like a monkey climbing up and down that pipe scaffold. The ceiling is a 6/12 pitch hip and the beadboard pieces that intersect at the center seam had to be perfect.

Was it Hard To Wrap the Skylight Tunnels?

The real task was getting the wood to wrap up into the skylights. There was no fast and easy way to accomplish this. It is slow, painstaking finish carpentry. All of the wood was pre-stained and urethaned before it was installed. If you have ever tried to stain wood upside down, you know why it is imperative to do this task working with gravity not against it!

Sunroom Shots

What Kind of Register Grill Will You Use?

I am still waiting to receive the opens in a new windowauthentic Victorian return air grill for this wall. This corner of the room is under the tallest aspect of the hip ceiling. It's 18 feet above the floor to the tip of the ceiling.

Why Did You Wallpaper the Sunroom?

I hung the wallpaper with the help of the apprentice and those first strips coming out of the corner were the longest I have ever installed. Believe it or not, but I really enjoy wallpapering. I find it therapeutic.

The wallpaper is 16 years old! I had bought it just as we moved in. It is/was a fairly popular pattern made by Waverly. I believe it was their English Ivy pattern. It is indeed a perfect paper for this plant room.

Sunroom ShotsWhat is the Wood around the Windows and Doors?

The woodwork is all clear white pine and matches the natural wood of the Marvin windows. The trim was custom milled and the profiles match all of the custom woodwork in the rest of the house. Custom trim is not really that expensive when you run lots of it at once.

The final shot is me laying on my back on the floor trying to show the hip ceiling as it rises to its peak. I wish I had a different lens to show this. A fish-eye lens would probably do a swell job of trying to make this 3D reality come to life on a computer screen.

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