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Suppliers of Natural Stone

Natural Stone Suppliers

There are two places to start your search for natural stone building materials - especially stone for garden paths. If you happen to be in a large home center, look in their gardening section or where they have masonry products. You may very well find stone in manageable quantities. Different parts of the nation will have different types of stone. Why? Because the majority of the cost of the product is freight. Brick is the same way. It isn't that the brick is expensive - it is the fact that it costs a lot of money to move it around. For this reason, your best chance of obtaining natural building stone is to use rock that is locally available.

The type of stone that is closest to your city and easiest to quarry will often be the least expensive. A good stone supplier should have a wide variety of materials. Ask about durability if you are thinking of using a stone that is not native to your locale.

Many cities have supply houses that sell nothing but stone. There are several in Cincinnati. If you live in an area blessed with lots of rock, you can often find your own stones in creek beds or along road cuts. Mother Nature dresses the stones for you if you are patient! You will find rock - just open your eyes!

At the time I wrote this bulletin, I knew of only one supplier that had good national distribution of its natural stone product. This particular product is the quartzite that is one of the most durable stones you can find. It comes in two colors: a light brownish tan and a shimmering blue green. The stone comes sorted so that you get stones of all the same shade in one batch. Check out this web site for pricing and locations near you where the stone can be purchased:

  • Vengeance Creek Stone, Inc.

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