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Surge Protector Video

In the spring and early summer, you can experience a lot of thunder storms. With these storms comes the possibility of lightning. If the lightning strikes a nearby power line, a power surge can travel into your home through your electric meter. Inside the house, it goes on a search and destroy mission - looking for televisions, VCR's, microwaves, computers, laptops or any electronic device.

How can you stop these power spikes? First, install a whole house surge protection. These devices attach right next to your electric panel. They feature audible alarms and diagnostic lights to check if it is working.

Next, purchase point of use surge protections to use at each electronic device. Be sure to get one with a test light. Surge protectors wear out over time. Check them regularly to see if they are still functioning.

A surge protector that is five to 10 years old, may be worn out. Replace them often. An electrician should be used to install a whole house protector.


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