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Synchronicity and Kearney, Nebraska

Synchronicity and Kearney, Nebraska - A Roy Story

Roy is a subscriber to my FREE Ask the Builder newsletter. On March 7, 2021, I shared in that newsletter a synchronicity story about me and Jason.

Roy was kind enough to grant permission to me to share his life-saving synchronicity tale.

Here it is:

Several years ago, before cell phones, I drove to Kearney, NE one year to help with a high school academic competition. Well, this particular year, I was driving down I-80 at about 4 a.m.

kearney nebraska map

As you can imagine, there was hardly any traffic at that hour. I passed a car, which appeared to be abandoned, on the side of the road. When you're driving 55-65 mph, a car parked on the side of the road goes by pretty past. 

However, I felt like I had seen something or someone IN the car, even though it was pitch black/dark out. I had to decide whether to keep going or to turn around at the next exit, which was several miles down the road.

I believe the Lord was telling me that I needed to go back. So, I drove a few more miles to the next exit, turned around, went to the next exit past where that car was, turned around again, and headed to their car.

When I pulled up behind the car, I very slowly walked up to the car, since I had no idea what/who I would find. I had NEVER stopped for this kind of situation before.

I came up to the car and knocked on the window. This was winter and it was probably 10-20 degrees outside.

The person in the driver’s seat very slowly cracked the window. What I saw amazed me!  There were four adults, a baby, and a dog in that car!

I had a Chevy Cavalier (4-door) at that time. I asked if I could give them a ride. They were very hesitant, but I told them I could not leave them in the cold!!

Due to allergies, I told them I couldn’t take the dog, but we squeezed the five of them into my car and headed down the road.

They asked me to leave them at the next exit at a gas station. As you probably remember, gas stations were not open 24 hours a day a lot back then. This was the early 1990s.  I told them we probably wouldn’t find one that was open.

So, I asked them where they were headed. They lived in Kearney, NE!  I couldn’t believe it.  When I told them I was GOING to Kearney, THEY couldn’t believe it.

They accepted my offer to take them all the way home to Kearney. Then, they told me they had been stuck there for 4 hours.  A tow truck had come but didn’t have the necessary equipment to tow the vehicle AND take the passengers, so they were waiting for another tow truck and someone to pick them up.

One hour after waiting, they no longer had heat in the car. So, they had been in the 10-20 degree temps for over three hours when I pulled up.

So, we had a nice long, warm, chat for the three-hour drive to Kearney and left them at their house. They were so grateful. I was so happy to be of assistance.

It was one of a few miraculous pick-someone-up stories that I have had the blessing to be a part of.

I always think, what if I had not listened to the Holy Spirit guiding me to go back and check the car?

I tell people, sometimes you have to listen and act on that still, small voice…

Your story inspired me to tell you mine!

God bless,


NOTE from Tim Carter: My good friend Tim Lewis, DVM, is quite sure the dog survived. Tim grew up on a farm and told me, "Cats, dogs, etc. are tough. They can survive brutal cold if you just get them out of the wind and they have water every few days." Roy told me the next day the car was gone on the side of the road so the dog was only in the car maybe six or eight hours alone before the tow truck arrived.


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