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Table Saw Video

Table saws are multi-purpose, powerful power tools. For example, you can rip a very long piece of lumber. Using the table saw fence guide, you will have a straight cut very time. With the use of the cross-cut guide, you can cut short pieces to the proper length. Angle cuts are also possible.

Be careful with table saws. They can be dangerous. As a precaution, don't wear any loose clothing when working with the saw. For example, a long sleeve shirt with a loose cuff could get caught in the blade and pull your arm into it.

Unplug the saw any time you are making adjustments. Finally, if you are making narrow cuts, use a small piece of wood as a pusher. Keep your fingers away from the table saw blade.

Eye protection, such as goggles or safety glasses and earplugs are required. Table saws are very loud and they can hurt your hearing. Keep these safety tips in mind when using your table saw.


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