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Thank You From AsktheBuilder 2014 Video

Tim Carter thanks you for all your support in 2014, and asks for your input to make 2015 better than 2014.

Thank you from AsktheBuilder.com


50 Responses to Thank You From AsktheBuilder 2014 Video

  1. I agree with your suggestion about doing a brief introductory video summary of the content or the highlights contained in each newsletter.

  2. Tim, I am a reader, the video is clever but I prefer to read the newsletter. I know the younger generation doesn't have the attention span long enough to read and enjoy the newsletter, but I do. Yes, the games are okay. I just like learning new facts that might help me take care of my home, buy gifts for the family and have a good laugh. Thanks.
    Rose in Central Texas

  3. Great idea for short video at the start of each news letter. That is like a new tool to make the job easier. Keep up the good work. Your videos have helped me alot. Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. If the video can be made to play within the email rather than spawning a new browser window/tab then yes it would be nice otherwise I personally would not view it unless it was something I was very interested.


  5. Thanks for all your diligent work to bring a wide variety of information to me and other subscribers. I have enjoyed the variety of info on Behr paints, Fein tools, Deck supports, etc. They have all been great. The contests have been fun but they hook my competitive/perfectionist side and occasionally are frustrating. I appreciate the human interest part of the newsletter - e.g. Train conductor, Belgian draft horses, snow melt contest, etc.

    I especially appreciate your ability to teach me as a advanced DYIer a bout various items - e.g. trench and French drain, shed construction, gutter guards.

    We are in the process of building a modular home on soil that turned out to be unstable. We have had to have 51 helical piers installed and hoping for a break in the weather so we can pour the footers and floor as a unit for the lower level.

    Thanks for making this available to all of us. I give thanks that your kidney stone problems have resolved. May you and yours have a joyous Turkey Day!

  6. Can you do a video on the proper use and installation of the shrink-rap
    plastic used on extra window insulation for winter is here in Michigan
    "The Great White Bear has Arrived" and as we all agree its good to cut
    the cost on our heating bills. By the way I like the Morse Code auto
    keyer. You could up the speed though ! -- Roger KG8XC

  7. I would prefer to have a text summary or highlights rather than a video - takes too long to watch a video, takes just a few seconds to read a summary

  8. Hi Tim,
    I enjoy reading your newsletter and have picked up many useful tips. However, a short video might be good for several reasons; it might, as I think you said, attract some of the younger crowd, and as well allow readers to zero in on items of interest. As for the games, they have been entertaining but have also introduced some interesting products.

  9. I like the newsletter the way it is, and I don't think I would enjoy yet another video, I prefer to read and look around the newsletter. Keep up the good work, I do appreciate all the help and hints I get from AskTheBuilder.

  10. Tim,

    I for one am against the intro video. While I do enjoy the newsletter and I do watch many videos, internet speeds where I am are not always great and having a video forced on me is something I dislike. If however, it is like the videos that you do now, where it doesn't preload and ru automatically, that would allow me to skip it, then that would have no impact and I will simply scroll past and read the newsletter.

  11. Tim,
    I share Terry's concerns; i.e., that I COULD skip the video if I so chose. Streaming and downloading videos with my previous server/provider was often frustrating--"eating up" my monthly ration of bytes. Now that I've got an unlimited data plan, I'm sure I'd enjoy your newsletter's high-lighting video, but I remain empathetic with those who have slow speeds and limited data plans. Y'all have a great Thanksgiving, too; I'll keep my Stain Solver handy for anticipated spills.

  12. Tim, go for the short video should be a nice set up for the week. I'm in the process of rearranging my work area in my garage maybe you can expand on your backgroung work area in the video, looks very organized??

  13. I have been reading AsktheBuilder for some time now. I really enjoy/appreciate all the information. I vote for a video along with the reading material. Before long, I will AsktheBuilder about ideas for an above grade basement that is in need of a (bright) face lift. Be prepared with some good ideas/answers. Enjoy the Holidays.

  14. I like the idea of a short video at the start of your newsletter. Try it for six or nine months and resurvey your readers to see what comments you get. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  15. like the intro video and Happy Thanksgiving to you and family. The intro video is more personal than just script, has my vote. I like the "how to" articles and enjoyed your video reguarding your interest in railroading.Great video! Product coupons of reviewed items would be a plus and/ or special pricing for your viewers? thanks again and keep up the good work.

  16. I would not want to view a video just to tell me what I'm going to see, although a written summary, perhaps with bullets & pics of featured items could be helpful.

  17. Thanks Tim for all you do on Ask the Builder. A Video would be great. Especially those of us that have reading problems. If it was something we were interested in, we could read on.

  18. Tim,

    Well done on the thank you video.

    I think that a short video at the beginning of your newsletter is a great idea. In my case, being honest, I don't always take the time to look through the entire newsletter, given the volume of emails that an individual receives each day. A short video, highlighting a special tool or feature in the newsletter is bound to catch the readers attention, causing more of us to scroll down and review the contents.

    In closing, I would like to extend best wishes to you and your family on your upcoming Thanksgiving, and to all of our friends South of the 49th parallel.

  19. Tim,
    I like what you've been doing all along, including the recent changes with more games. An additional video at the top of the newsletter would not help me personally, as I always read it in its entirety. However, I would defer to your readership.
    Happy Thanksgiving back at you and your family.

  20. I love the news letters and the videos. They really are the easiest ways to follow a project and work on my own projects.. Please dont stop

  21. An intro highlight video would be smart. I often go through my e-mail quickly at first, but go back later to peruse what I think I'll find interesting.

  22. I like the idea of the intro video for the news letter,as it will provide a brief ovewrview, love your site your DIY on ceramic tile saved my posterior

  23. I love the videos as well as a transcript. It helps understand what you're trying to say where in some cases the written explanation might not be clear. I especially like the "howtos." I always learn something. Please continue the great work!

  24. Tim, just wanted to say thank you for your work. I like the idea of a short video also. I am a very visual person.
    Also, I just wanted to let you know what role you play for me. I enjoy learning about new technologies and products from you, as well as enjoy your games and giveaways. I also appreciate videos about common mistakes, like your deck post video. They really help a DIY'er like myself in keeping my projects successful and my family safe.

    Scott Adams

  25. AsktheBuilder....Hello Tim, thank you for sending me your E-mail!
    Well so you are ready for eating your Turkey and your family, I'm glad!
    Yes I'm from Guatemala Central America, so when you come and visit our country let me know.
    Blessings to all of you.

  26. Tim : love your ASK THE BUILDER you give great suggestions on products would like you to do a review of heavy duty wall cabinets, for
    the MAN CAVE.

  27. Tim:
    I look forward to reading your newsletter as well as viewing your "how to" videos each week! The idea of showing a new tool (or even showing how to use one we are familiar with is great). With hardware, as well as home improvement, it's all about the gizmos!

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