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Thaw Ground Video

Hi, I'm Tim Carter and it's a frosty winter morning. It is -2 degrees F here in New Hampshire. Since it is cold, we are going to talk a little bit about heat. What do you think is inside this trailer?

This is very unique and you don't see many of them. This is actually a ground heater. Inside this trailer is an oil furnace complete with oil tank. The trailer includes a lot of piping and a reservoir of glycol. Here's why.

Out the back of the trailer, runs all these hoses. These hoses are laid all over the ground inside this structure. Then the ground is covered with concrete insulated blankets. When the furnace is fired up, a hot solution of glycol flows underneath the insulated blankets and thaws the ground. So in a couple days, even in the middle of this cold winter, they will be able to pour a concrete slab.

So a ground heater is a fantastic machine to allow you to pour concrete in the dead of winter.


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