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The Paint Brush Cover Video

Hi, I'm Tim Carter and I want to show you a neat invention. It may not be the first, something tells me that there are other things out there similar to this. I just got this sent to me and I am using it on a project right now. It will save me some time and money.

This is a plastic case with a hinged lid. This case will fit a one-inch to three-inch paint brush. Currently, I am storing a paint brush with paint in the case. The job I am working on right now, requires that I touch up the paint on some soffit off and on throughout the day. I don't want to be washing the paint brush every time I touch up one of the boards.

This case will hold the brush with the paint. The most important part of the case is the foam rubber around the paint brush handle. These foam pieces keep the case air tight. The paint on the brush will stay fresh because of the humidity inside the closed-case.

The Paint Brush Cover is a neat invention. Since the paint inside stays wet, you can easily clean the paint inside the case. And it will look brand new once cleaned. This is a great little item to have for your next project.


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