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Tim Carter Favorite Books

Tim Carter's Favorite Books - Some Great Ones Here

This is a partial list of my favorite books. It's not in any order at all.

CLICK or TAP each book cover to discover more.

I'd scroll through them to see what you might like. I do have a penchant for history books.

Here's my favorite love story. If you have grandkids, this is a must-read for boys and girls alike.

mike mulligan and his steam shovel

Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel - by Virginia Lee Burton -This is an epic story of great qualities to strive for: diligence, hard work, loyalty, and love. CLICK THE BOOK COVER to have it in your hands in days.

owl moon children book

This is a marvelous book. Your kids or grands will remember you reading them this book for their entire lives. Each time they see a full moon in the winter, they'll THINK OF YOU! BUY IT NOW.

I'm in the process of writing a fantasy book series for young adults. My son suggested I read this book to help me grasp how tales might be intertwined and how to lay the groundwork for the series. As usual, he's right.

game of thrones book cover

CLICK or TAP HERE to get everything you ever wanted about Game of Thrones.

shoeless joe book cover

This is the novel that inspired the classic Field of Dreams movie. I'm here to tell you that you'll have a HARD TIME putting this book down. CLICK or TAP HERE to order it.

The next one is an amazing tale about how the US transcontinental railroad came to be. Thirty-thousand men were working on it at one time. They were in a race to see who could lay the most track. It's very well written.

Nothing Like It In The World

Nothing Like It In The World - by Stephen Ambrose It's a magnificent book about how the latest technology of the time radically changed the world. CLICK THE IMAGE to have this book in your hands in days.

If you love traveling out West in the USA and wonder about all the mountains, rivers and everything you see, this is the book for you. It's written for a layperson like you. The captions in some of the photos will crack you up.

Rough Hewn Land

Rough-Hewn Land by Keith Heyer Meldahl - I read this twice it was so good. CLICK THE BOOK COVER now to have this in your hands in days or minutes should you be a Kindle user.

Cascadia's Fault

Do you like mystery books? This book reads like one of the best detective reads you've ever experienced. Once again, it's written for the layman. CLICK THE COVER NOW to have this in your hands in days or minutes.



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