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Tim Carter Tells Old Man Winter to GO HOME

Think about this.

It's the day after St. Patrick's Day - March 18, 2014.

There are still 4-foot piles of snow surrounding my driveway.

Up at the top of my drive in the cul-de-sac you can find 8-foot piles of snow and ice 3-feet thick sticking on the side of the ledge!

It's going to be mid-April before it's all gone!

Yes, I'll have a piece of cheese with my WHINE. I know others have deeper snow, but this is ridiculous. Who were the IDIOTS that killed off all the dragons??? Imagine how helpful it would be to have a pet dragon around!


7 Responses to Tim Carter Tells Old Man Winter to GO HOME

  1. Sorry for your plight we are in Pittsburgh and we are already getting some warmer weather. No snow is sticking, and very little left in our piles. It won't be long now.

  2. Just make sure you keep all that snow there 🙂
    BTW I was surprised you had your firewood covered with a tarp and not in a building !!!! You are Tim the builder right ????

  3. That sounds like a great idea for a video project Tim! I've been wanting to build a wood shed for a while now. How about it?

  4. Tim

    I don not envy you. We had a 60 degree day on Saturday and we are also forecasted to get that snow storm on Tuesday night. The move down to Florida just keeps on looking better and better...:)

  5. I feel for you tim but as you said the folks up north got it just as bad. it is 9 degrees above 0 as I write this at 10p.m. on Monday the 24th on it's way down to below 0 tonight. had 10 below this morning. have about 2ft of snow in the fields. predicting 6 inches wed night for us. unreal just unreal.

    • Mike,

      -2 F this morning - March 25th. Yes, unreal is right! We have about 28 inches of snow cover here MINIMUM. I have snowbanks 5 feet high on all edges of my driveway. Up in the cul de sac, there are piles 10 feet high. Ice seeping out of ledge is 3 feet THICK up in the cul de sac. I'm thinking of having a lottery tomorrow in the newsletter to see when the last snow is gone in the cul de sac. Yes, that would be fun..... Winner gets 9 pounds of Stain Solver!

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