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Tim Carter the Train Conductor – Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad

I know, I'm the AsktheBuilder guy. But guess what? I've always loved trains and had a rare opportunity to become a real conductor on the Hobo Railroad the spring and summer of 2014.  This train operates out of Meredith, NH during the spring, summer and fall.

Tim wearing magic bow tie and Conductor's hat

Me wearing my magic bow tie and Conductor's hat. Believe me when I say the tie and hat have powerful magic. Most women boarding the train want a photo of me kissing them on the cheek. Yes, it's a real bow tie I tied.

There are daily one and two-hour train rides in the summer months. In the fall, there are special fall foliage train rides where you can enjoy the reds, yellows and orange leaves Mother Nature displays. The railroad also offers amazing dinner train rides too.

Want to charter the train for a special event? You can do that too!

Here I am calling the passengers aboard on the first day I had my own train - July 10, 2014.

Did you know the conductor of a train is the person in charge? He's like the captain of a ship or the pilot of an airliner. It comes with lots of responsibility!


Tim's Train Refresher course was mentioned in his May 1, 2015 AsktheBuilder Weekend Warrior Newsletter.


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