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Tim Needs Your Help – Seriously

Tim needs you to tell him what it would take to convert you to an AsktheBuilder Newsletter Subscriber.


3 Responses to Tim Needs Your Help – Seriously

  1. I think that in order to get people to subscribe is to understand what the average person who owns the own home is the top ten things that they need help doing. Such as giving their house more "Curb appeal" buy adding shrub and plants etc. Helping them in picking out the right paint to use and what to stay away from for each project. And how to properly prep your house for each project you are about to do. I have found the key to any project is the preparation. It save time, money and work to complete the project.

  2. Would like to know how to build a simple, fire retardant, sound deadening enclosure wth easy access to furnace filter--for a furnace/ac housed in a closet.
    Any project made simple enuf for non techies to understand that helps solve common household dilemmas would be useful. Also a good search system on your site. Eg, I tried to find furnace enclosure n couldn't. Thanx

    • Well, I offer a 15-Minute Consult service on the phone where we can go over this. That's about your only option as I'd probably never write a column or tape a video about this.

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