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Tim’s Favorite Tools Video

A wood rasp allows you to make cuts in wood or plastic or non-ferrous material. It is rounded on one side and flat on the other. Each side has both fine and coarse teeth.

A special Phillips screw drill bit has a countersink drill bit built right into it. You can drill the countersink, then drive the screw without changing the bit in the drill chuck.

Ever drop a nail, screw or other metal part down behind an object and you can't reach it? Carry a telescoping magnetic pick-up tool. Extend it out to full length and reach down to retrieve that fastener.

Tim carries a mini tubing cutter. It is small in size but still able to cut the copper tubing located in a small area. If the full size tubing cutter won't fit, try this mini cutter.

A plumb bob is powered by Mother Nature. It does not get out of adjustment like bubble levels or laser levels. The plumb bob gives that vertical line every time.

Try these tools in your toolbelt or tool box. Very helpful.

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