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Tiny Titan Water Heater Video

Tiny Titan Water Heater Checklist

  • easy to install
  • 2.5-gallon capacity
  • electric power
  • compact

Hi, I’m Tim Carter and I am here with Tom Fairbrother of Lakeside Plumbing in Meredith, NH. We are going to install this fantastic, point of use, Tiny Titan Water Heater. It is electric and just plugs in and is really easy to install.

Is the Tiny Titan Water Heater Easy to Install?

The heater is easy to install. It comes with a handy mounting bracket and screws. You just put it on the wall, level it and tighten down the screws. The mounting bracket acts as a French cleat and the water heater just sits down onto the bracket and gravity holds it in place.

What are The Installation Steps?

Now, all that needs to be done is install the cold water supply line and the hot water outlet line. These connections at the heater are standard 1/2-inch iron pipe nipple connections.

Do You Need Female Adapters?

You will need to sweat on a half-inch female adapter on to a piece of copper pipe. That is what Tom has just finished doing.

This one is still extremely hot. You need to solder these on first so you don’t put any unnecessary heat near the top of the water heater.

How Big is the Tiny Titan Water Heater?

This Tiny Titan Compact Water Heater is 2-1/2 gallons. Installation was simple, a wall bracket, cold water supply line, hot water outlet line and an electrical outlet.

Does It Come with a Factory-Installed P&T Valve?

This comes with a temperature - pressure release valve preinstalled from the factory. All you need to do is run a 3/4" copper line from the valve down to the ground, leaving an air gap at the bottom of the line. This line is in case of a pressure malfunction in the water heater, the water comes out of this pipe.

Does the Heater Have an On/Off Switch?

One quick thing - this model has a thermostat with an off switch. You will notice that it is plugged it. But you never want to plug in this water heater until after the water lines are connected and it has water inside the heater.

Since this is an electric water heater and you make a mistake and plug it in before it has water in it and if the thermostat is on, the elements will instantly burn up. So never plug it in until after it has water in it, all the air is out of the system and there are no leaks. Then you can plug it in.

The Tiny Titan Water Heaters are great if you have a need for just a small amount of hot water.

Tiny Titan Water Heater - Small Size, Big Performance
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Tiny Titan Water Heater - Small Size, Big Performance
The Tiny Titan water heater is compact and perfect for small hot water needs. It's easy to install.
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2 Responses to Tiny Titan Water Heater Video

  1. Hi Tim,

    My water heater all of a sudden stopped producing water. It was 12 years old and the plumbing company suggested that I replace it. They replaced it with an electric 240 Volt/4500 Watts Bradford White 40 gallon tank and when they tried to test it out by asking me to turn on my facuets, the pipe to my valve started leaking. The city came and turned off the water so they could replace it. The city came back and turned on the water and the plumbing company tried to test it out again (bleed out the air to get hot water), however, this time I didn't have any water pressure. I had water pressure before. To make a long story shorter, the water line from the main line to the curb was replaced. After they replaced it, I had low water pressure. I turned on the electric water heater breaker and waited approximately 24 hours to try out the hot water (very cold weather/very cold water coming in). I still had no hot water. The plumber came back and told me that the top element dry‐fired/burned out (he showed it to me for verification). He replaced both the top and bottom element. I waited and tried it again, no hot water. Their expert/senior plumber came and he told me that the water pressure/flow wasn't fast enough to fill-up the water heater tank and because of that, the top element dry-fries/burns out. Is that correct or incorrect? Can you give me any advice? Is there a way to address my problem without replacing the exterior (curb to house) and/or interior water pipes? Thank you for your time.

  2. Tiny Titan 2nd one installed. First one lasted about 10 yrs. Loved it. The water line run from garage elect water heater to kitchen sink was a too long wait for hot water prior to installing first Tiny Titan. With the first one I always had great water flow, continuous water flow, great pressure. Now all my other faucets (inside and outside) have great pressure, continuous steady flow except the kitchen sink. The new Tiny Titan runs out power. The flow quickly reduces to sluggish small stream, and the heat of the hot water reduces to luke warm. As near as I can tell everything installed the same, since the location had a previous successful Tiny Titan install. What can the problem be? Hot water is initially hot and flow is strong, cold water flow is initially strong, then hot loses it's heat and both cold and hot loose flow stream strength, it narrows the flow and loses pressure.

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