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Toilet Rough In Dimensions

Toilet Rough-In Dimensions - There are Several!


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  1. Why do you have to pad the back wall out? Can't you simply have a bigger gap behind the toilet?
    ps: I enjoy all the videos.

    • I answered this in the comments on YouTube. Some people lean back on toilet tanks when sitting on them. Do that with a standard toilet and you'll create a massive leak. The toilet tank can't move after it's installed.

  2. Why does there have to be a wall close to the toilet? It sure would be easier to clean behind if they were farther from the wall.

  3. This shows my total ignorance: why can't you have more space behind the toilet? (that you are getting rid of by putting in the second wall)

  4. How about building your pad wall at 35” or so and add a sill or shelving above the back of the toilet? You could even grab more depth by framing in some if you 2x6 wall.

  5. Why not put a shelf behind the tank with back support for the tank? Finish that out as a cabinet for bathroom supplies.

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