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Tool Gift Ideas Video

As the holiday season approaches, there are a lot of great power tools that make great gifts. Here are some ideas for that handy person around your house.

Cordless tools have come a long way. Cordless drills have lots of power, keyless chucks, two speeds and are reversible. Look for the 18 volt or higher models.

There is a cordless circular saw that features a smaller diameter blade, but it is still big enough to tackle most of the projects around your house. Again, 18 volt or larger models should be purchased.

A compound miter box saw makes a great gift. They are very affordable with lots of features.

Smaller gift ideas include a wood rasp. Very handy and inexpensive. Another small item is a scrapper tool with interchangeable blades. One last idea for that socking stuffer is a telescopic magnetic pick up tool. Great when you drop that screw or nut down behind the workbench or down into the heating duct.

Remember, tools - big or small - make great gifts for the do-it-yourself person in your home.


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