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Tool Rental Video

There are lots of tool rentals stores in the Cincinnati area. These stores have an assortment of tools, large and small, to make your job easier. Here are some of the items you can rental.

Man lifts are great for inspecting your roof, cleaning gutters or painting your house, if you do not like using ladders.

A wood chipper is a great tool to rent if you need to get rid of some brush in your yard. Or if you are removing a tree. You can create your own mulch with these chippers.

Baby backhoes are great for working in a small area or getting between houses that are close together.

There are electric jack hammers available. They come with a variety of bits for busting that hole in your concrete.

Need a hole in a brick or concrete wall? Rent a demolition hammers. Insert the bit and blast that hole in the wall.

Have a ceramic tile project coming up? Try a diamond tile cutter. They are water cooled and go through tile like a hot knife through butter.

A vibratory compacter is like your own personal steamroller. They are great for compacting soil, gravel for that patio or large blacktop patches.

Tool rental places also rent small hand tools, such as routers and drills. Check them out when you need that special tool for your next home project.


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