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Transporting Propane Tanks

Transporting Propane Tanks - Do It Safely

Watch this video to see how to transport, handle and store propane tanks:



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  1. I admit I don't check for leaks every time I connect it. Also I store an extra one a few feet away from the grill. I could put it somewhere else like under the deck.
    I am interested in a safety device for when I hook my gas logs back up in the future. They are currently disconnected.

    • Simple. Outdoors and NEVER near any hole, window, crack, or ??? where the propane could leak into a crawlspace or basement. Preferably, you should store it away from the house, in the shade and near a slope where if there is a leak, the propane flows DOWN the hill away from your house. I'll have MORE STORAGE information soon.

  2. Hi Tim:

    You must have changed the format of your videos recently and I just want to let you know that they are no longer viewable on a Mac. I get the following message: "Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available". I have tried using Safari, Firefox and Chrome with the same results and therefore suspect it has something to do with the operating system not being compatible with ??HTML5.

    I love all your extensive reviews, reports and comments and try to use your Amazon links when ever possible. But I hate your Captcha choice for your comments - as a webmaster for several sites myself I totally understand the need for a Captcha but these pictorial ones are as unfriendly as the blurred letter ones. And just an aside they are definitely NOT friendly to any visually impaired readers you might have. In my opinion the best captcha are the simple mathematical problem created out of words and numbers - I have used the free Captcha plugin by BestWebSoft successfully on several sites - and no I have no interest in the company other than as a satisfied user. 😉

    • I've not changed the video format. I just use the YouTube embed code. Here's an example of the code I put into a page. I had to strip out the less-than and greater-than symbols or it displayed the video:

      iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/uZQA_Y1d6NQ" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen>

      As for the Captcha, it's a WordPress plugin. There may be other friendlier ones. I'll check on that. I don't see them at all. I just see a checkbox that says "I'm not a robot."

      THANKS for your input to help make the site better.

      Why do you think Apple is not playing well with YouTube embed code being a webmaster?

      • Beth Mosley:
        I have an iMac and have no problem viewing any of your videos, Tim. In fact I just watched the entire one on Pocket Doors. It is great, by the way.

        Keep up the great service you provide.
        Beth Mosley ( 78 year old retired RN 0

      • I just got that (again) on Firefox with W10. I just pulled up Chrome & no problems. Fixing the problem would be great, but I'll settle for a work-around!

      • I am using an iMac with the most current version of Mac OS and have no trouble loading and viewing your videos.

  3. Thanks for sharing this valuable information. You'll be glad to know the retailer that refills our tanks recommended we transport the tank standing up.

  4. Looks like I've been storing and using the small(20 lbs) tanks safely - unless the CA weather goes over 120 should be ok Thanks for the heads up Regarding the gas shut off valves. About 17 years age I had a red valve installed that is supposed to be an Earthquake safety valve, any 5 point quake should activate it - Is this all I need??

  5. Thanks! I have two cylinders for when one runs out.. One attached to the grill and one on the other side right next to it sitting on the ground.. I've always wondered if that's smart. But wouldn't it be the same chance of overheating as the one attached to the fuel line, which is actually closer to the heat?

  6. If the error message says that the video format is not recognized that's a video codec issue, not the embed code or being on a Mac. I can see all the videos on my Mac. The embed code simply opens a video player that pulls the video from Youtube.

    The two videos on this page are AVC1 (H.264) which is pretty universal, so I'm surprised there'd be a problem on any browser or OS. I'd try restarting the computer. Don't suppose you upgraded the OS recently...

    BTW, Tim, I also get another captcha screen after checking "not a robot."

  7. Fortunately I've been following most of the safety advice here although I occasionally put an extra tank in an enclosed shed which I will stop doing. I was surprised to see the tank being transported in the trunk of a car in the video. I suppose that's safe enough if you can be sure its not leaking at the valve and you can be sure it won't roll over while driving. Another recommended (legislated?) method, at least here in Canada is to transport it on the floor or secured in the back seat of a car on the driver's side only, and with the back window of the car rolled down for ventilation. Of course all these rules and regulations depend on what sort of vehicle you are using. All good advice here Tim. Thanks for the awareness lesson.

    Just yesterday my sister moved back into her apartment after a fire over 3 years ago that destroyed about half of her apartment building and started outside on one of the decks due to some issue with a propane barbeque. The rebuild and repair cost millions and about 25 families lost everything. Sadly many were renters with no insurance.

  8. Tim, my guess is you either (a) Store your cylinders in the garage or shed. I do, but it is a detached garage. I guess I need to reconsider... or (b) Don't check for leaks every time.

  9. Tim: Do you have an article on how to properly store gasoline for use in lawn mowers or snow throwers? I keep my gas cans outside of the garage, but against the garage wall (so they won't get too buried in snow for when my snow thrower needs a re-fill!).

    • Not per sea. You want a great gas can and you want it in the shade out of direct sun.

      Storing it outdoors is no doubt the safest. I don't do that but in the next house I build I'm going to have a VENTILATED small shed or large box with a roof to store all fuels, propane, etc. I don't want any of those things in my garage.

  10. I store my gas cans and spare propane cylinder in a "rubber/plastic" shed in the shade in my back yard about 70' from the house. It is "rainproof" so probably not the best solution but so far so good. Noticed in the video there was a base for the cylinder he transported. Any idea where to get it? I use a tightly fitting cardboard box but it does not keep a full cylinder upright on turns which really worries me.

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