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True Cash Capsule Review

true cash capsule

This tiny cylinder can save your keister MULTIPLE TIMES. Right now it's only $9.99!!!! CLICK THE IMAGE now to have it delivered to your home in days.

True Cash Capsule - Save Your You-Know-What

I was given the True Cash Capsule as a gift from my daughter a few years ago.

It's very clever and it can save you believe me! Read my story just below. CLICK HERE now to order it thus avoiding my powerful Jedi mind trick in the story below.

true cash capsule

Carry at least $50 with you in case you need gas or food. Even Queen Elizabeth approves. She requests your staunchness and has implored you to oblige her by CLICKING HER gorgeous curly locks in the photo above. Within days she will bestow good fortune upon you and several of the True Cash Capsules will be in your possession. God save the Queen!

True Story - The Day Cash was King or was it Queen?

Ten years ago I was driving back and forth from New Hampshire to Cincinnati, Ohio. I always started the journey both directions with a full tank of gas in my truck.

Erie, PA is where I'd stop to fill up whenever I was headed back to NH. I must have been fighting an east wind and I had gotten quite low on fuel. It was a bitterly cold day.

I think I had less than a gallon of gas left if that much. I should have stopped back twenty miles, but I wanted to get to a familiar exit where I could get a sandwich I preferred.

I pull into the gas station and the needle was over the red mark. I couldn't believe the engine was still running!

On the gas pump was a crude sign: "No Credit Card Sales"

What? Are you kidding me? It turns out the satellite setup at the gas station was down. This is how all credit cards were processed.

Fortunately, I always travel with about $300 in cash in case of an emergency. My cash saved me.

Younger people tend to not use cash, so I've always had my kids take cash with them because of what happened to me.

I would have been stranded out there in the cold unable to buy something as simple as gasoline!

true cash capsule

This capsule is fantastic. Put some thread lock tight on the threads so it doesn't come unscrewed. CLICK THE KEYS NOW to have this in your hands in days. Better order several.





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