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Truss Uplift Hardware

Truss Uplift Hardware

What's more, both companies make a special little clip that attaches to the top of the interior walls. These clips restrain the drywall and allow it to stay in contact with the wall drywall as the truss moves up and down. I highly recommend that you look at the web sites of both of these companies. You will be amazed at the wonderful metal hangers and brackets they have. These are framing connectors you do not ordinarily see in hardware stores.

Check out the wide variety of metal clips that will make your next home improvement job a breeze. For example, have you struggled with building a sturdy shelf in your garage? If you have exposed 2x4's it is as simple as driving four nails! You will find there are heavy duty shelf brackets made just for this purpose. Workbench building is easy too. There are special brackets that allow you to bang a sturdy workbench together in a few hours!

  • Simpson Strong-Tie Connectors
    The Simpson connector is the STC, the STCT or the DTC. Their little drywall clip that attaches to the top plate of the interior walls is the DS.

  • R. H. Tamlyn & Sons, Inc.
    Tamlyn and Sons make a wide variety of code listed framing connectors including a truss uplift clip.
  • USP Structural Connectors
  • Prest-on makes a corner-back fastener that is great for truss uplift.

Truss Uplift Literature Resource Materials

The following magazines and associations have a multitude of articles, research papers and press releases concerning truss uplift. The associations will undoubtedly help you, although there may be a fee involved for some of their publications.

Magazine: The Journal of Light Construction


  • Western Wood Products Association

  • Wood Truss Council of America

They have a two page document titled Partition Separation Prevention and Solutions, available for free download.



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