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Trusses – Gain Space with a Scissors Truss

Trusses - Avoid Wasted Space With a Special Truss

There is an enormous amount of wasted space in most homes that are currently being built. The primary reason I believe is that homeowners and builders alike are unaware of the many different trusses that can be used to frame the roof. A standard truss creates a large triangle of dark space up in the attic. What's more, this space is useless as a storage facility. Why? The truss web members are in the way and the truss has not really been designed to handle the weight of stored items.


If you have ever been to a truss fabrication plant you will see a chart that seems to have over 100 possible truss designs. Some are highly specialized and would rarely be used on a residential home. But many others are strong candidates for your home. Be sure to look at how much space you can recapture from the common truss triangle when you use a storage truss, or an attic truss, or a scissors truss. Ask your builder to show you all of the options. The cost is well worth it in the long run.

Call a Professional Engineer

Before you think about changing a traditional roof into a vaulted ceiling, you better call in a pro. Get a residential structural engineer who is familiar with wood and roof framing. Many structural engineers commonly work with steel and concrete. You want to open your Yellow Pages and look under Engineers. Then see if there is a sub-heading called Structural. Ask questions to make sure you get a person who is a wood framing expert. The consulting fee will be several hundred dollars but it will buy peace of mind during the next wind or heavy snow storm.

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