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Tub Valve Location

Harold Meehan lives pretty close to me over in North Bennington, Vermont.

He's got a good question about the location of his tub valve.

I am going to do a bathroom remodel the tub is going to be a whirlpool type tub. The drain end will be against an outside wall, the other end will be against an interior wall (a closet) that will allow me access to the pump and heater.

Bath Room
My question is:

Can I install the Valve body and Tub spout on the side wall (the 5ft side) and the shower head on the pump side of the tub?

The tub spout has a diverter on it for the shower head. I do not want to install water lines on an outside wall. Are there an restrictions on the distance the shower head can be installed?


You're good to go. You can install the tub and shower valve on that other wall with no issues. 

It's smart to keep that valve out of an exterior wall. Remember, water lines can FREEZE on inside walls too!

Make sure there are no air leaks from the attic that can fall down any of the wall cavities where you have water lines.


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