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Turn Off Natural Gas

Turn Off Natural Gas

Turn off natural gas by rotating this simple ball valve 90 degrees to the right. The red arrow points to the valve. Rotate it so the hole at the top of the valve lines up with the the other hole that's in the 3 o'clock position. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

Turn Off Natural Gas - It's Very Easy

If you smell natural gas at your home, do the following things:

  • GET OUT of the house immediately
  • Turn off natural gas to house if the meter is outside
  • Call 911
  • Get at least 200 feet away from the house

Turn Off Natural Gas to House - Be Safe!

Most natural gas valves are the same. They have a ball valve on the street side of the meter. Watch this video to see how easy it is to shut off the gas:

What Wrench Should be Used to Turn Off Natural Gas?

You should use an adjustable open-ended wrench or a pipe wrench. Use one that's at least 12-inches long.

turn off natural gas

This is a dandy 12-inch adjustable wrench. It's affordable. Keep it in a plastic bag out by the gas meter. CLICK THE IMAGE now to have this wrench delivered to your home.

How Do I Turn Off a Propane Tank Valve?

Watch this video to see how to shut off a propane tank valve.

Turn Off Natural Gas Safely and FAST | AsktheBuilder.com
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Turn Off Natural Gas Safely and FAST | AsktheBuilder.com
Turn off natural gas safely and fast using an adjustable wrench. If gas is leaking, GET OUT OF THE HOUSE first and call 911.
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