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Ugliest Bathroom Makeover

Joel Williams responded to my request for Before and After pictures. He provided this story and the related photos for the winner of the Ugliest Bathroom Contest. Here is his email. Click on any of the images below for a higher resolution view.


In a recent newsletter you requested before and after images of bathroom remodels.

Attached are some additions to your website from a winner of America’s Ugliest Bathroom contest, by American Standard Brands.

As the contest winner, homeowner Darlene Wetzel received $10,000 in new plumbing products and fixtures to upgrade her family’s eyesore to what she calls, “right out of a magazine.”

Contractor Shane McGarvey (Campbell, NY) helped Wetzel design a multipurpose bathroom for her family that included a stacked washer and dryer and laundry folding table. The goal was to create a bathroom with very clean lines that was both modern and welcoming. Wetzel, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, opted for a walk-in bathtub, “that would be easy for me to use when I wasn't feeling well.” She says she is now able to enjoy relaxing heated baths and appreciates muscle therapy offered by the whirlpool jets. McGarvey added a pocket door to free up space and allow for wheelchair accessibility.

Wetzel also fell in love with the warmth of the dark vanity and the clean lines of the white sink/top. In particular, she appreciates the vanity’s storage drawers that put daily essentials right at her fingertips but allow her to tuck them away to maintain her “right out of a magazine bathroom.”

Tim, as I mentioned, we’ve included several before and after images for your consideration. Like me, I’m sure your viewers would be interested in seeing this transformation from ugly duckling to magazine style. Come to think of it, I could use a similar transformation….

This hasn't been published anywhere; thought you might be able to use it.


Joel Williams


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