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Urethane Caulk Companies & Guns

Urethane Caulk Companies

The caulk displays I visited just had lots of silicone and acrylic caulks for sale. I even asked an experienced sales clerk at one home center if they had any urethane caulk. He said, "No way. You can only get that at automotive shops that install windshields." Well, while he was still talking I saw a case of urethane caulk. I said, "Look here, you DO have urethane caulk." The clerk was quite embarrassed.

If you call the folks at OSI Sealants, Inc. in Mentor, Ohio, they should be able to tell you who stocks their products. I am hoping someone close to you has it. If not, tell them you would like to buy it off of their website! Call 800-999-8920. You might find other brands of urethane caulks at large brickyards and commercial supply houses. Look in your Yellow Pages under Brick or Brick Supplies. Urethane caulks are used to seal joints in brickwork.

Here are the five types or brands of urethane caulk that OSI makes and the colors available:

  • PL Polyurethane Concrete and Masonry Sealant - Gray
  • PL Polyurethane Door, Window & Siding Sealant - White, Terratone, Cedar, Limestone, Sandtone
  • PL Polyurethane Roof and Flashing Sealant - Black
  • PL Polyurethane Concrete Crack Sealant - Limestone Gray
  • PL Polyurethane Marine Adhesive Sealant - Ultra White

The other companies that make urethane caulk are:

  • 3M Company - 800-234-8068
  • Tremco - 800-321-7906 -- Their brand name urethane caulk is Velcum.
  • DAP - 800-543-3840 -- You may have a hard time finding their urethane caulk in regular stores!
  • Bostik - 414-774-2250 -- Several urethane caulks under Chem-Calk.
  • Macklanburg - Duncan - 800-654-8454 -- Their brand name urethane caulk is Sika.

Professional Caulk Guns

There is a huge difference between the caulk gun I'll bet you have and a high quality one. Here is how you can tell if you have a low quality gun: #1 Price - if it cost less than $4.00 it is probably a loser. #2 If you pull back the plunger rod and squeeze the handle less than 15 times before the rod slides all the way into the gun, you have an also ran.

Professional guns have much greater force when you squeeze the handle, like 3M's Professional Caulking Gun. It takes 45 or more full handle squeezes to get the rod to fully push into the gun. This extra squeezing gives you much greater flow control when you caulk. OSI sells a pro gun that retails for $13. It is product number 92012. Call 800-624-7767 and ask for customer service. Hyde Tools also sells a similar caulk gun. Many quality paint stores sell Hyde Tool scrapers, putty knives, etc.

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