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Urethane Exterior Paint

My house really needs to be painted. Fortunately it is not peeling, as the original solid color stain is only 13 years old. My house is relatively young. I started building it in 1986. It is a work in progress as are most builder/owner homes.

The house has actually needed a face lift for over two years. The delay in painting was not really my fault. A manufacturing defect was discovered in my wood windows. They were rotting out. I negotiated a very fair settlement with the window company. They agreed to supply me with new windows in addition to paying for all labor to remove the old windows, install the new ones, paint all interior disturbed surfaces and paint the exterior of the home. They realized that the outside wood siding and trim around the windows would be disturbed and that trying to touch up would not suffice.

The biggest problem was that I had to wait nearly 11 months to get the windows. The last window was installed just about one month ago and I was finally able to begin the painting process.

Glad I Waited

It turns out that I really lucked out. Just before I started to arrange to get the paint, I was contacted by a public relations person from Sears. He invited me to the annual Sears Editors Conference. As we were talking he asked me what my latest project was. I indicated that I was getting ready to paint the outside of my house. He said, "Wow! Have we got the paint you need!" We discussed the new paint. Evidently it was a special new paint that combined water based polyurethane with high quality acrylic resins. It immediately caught my attention as I already knew how sticky urethanes can be.

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An Exclusive

The management team at Sears has a long history of developing innovative products. They also know how to secure exclusive marketing rights. This magical urethane paint is only available at Sherwin Williams stores. I am sure some small paint companies may try to develop their own version, but I doubt you will see it in major paints stores!

The name of this new urethane/acrylic exterior paint is:

Weatherbeater Ultra

Enormous Interest

I can always tell when a particular column I write strikes a nerve with average homeowners. I get lots of calls to my weekly radio show and I get an avalanche of email at my website. This column really got some attention! Each day I get no less than 10 to 20 emails from folks like you who want to know how they can quickly get their hands on a copy of this Builder Bulletin. Evidently, many people are disappointed with the performance of the exterior paints they have used in the past!

Read the Label

If you buy the new urethane paint and use it like I am on my own home, be sure to take 10 minutes and read the label. My guess is that fewer than 1 in 10 people actually do this. There is valuable information on the label that will help you get the most from the paint.

Be sure to remove mildew before painting. The best product for this is oxygen bleach. It is safe for the plants and trees around your home. Chlorine bleach can kill plants! You simply mix the oxygen bleach powder with warm water, stir for several minutes, pour it into a pump sprayer and wet the mildewed areas. Follow five minutes later with a soap and water wash and rinse with clear water. Call 513-407-8727 for oxygen bleach or go to www.stainsolver.com.

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  1. I purchased Weatherbeater Ulta last year,started painting
    my shed. As luck has it, Sears no longer cares this paint. Is there any other brands that I can purchase. My Sherman Willians does not carry this do to contract with Sears. Help I only half of the shed painted.

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