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Urethane Paint

Urethane Paint

Last year, I discovered a new house paint that blew me away. It contains a blend of acrylic resin AND water based urethane. It is VERY sticky and I used it on my own home. I am very pleased with the results and feel it will wear like iron.

Where do you get it? Well, the one I used was sold by Sears. It is called Weatherbeater ULTRA. You can get it mixed to any color you want.

Sherwin Williams makes this paint for Sears. But they are not allowed to sell this exact formulation in their stores. They make a house paint that contains urethane but it is not exactly like Weatherbeater ULTRA.

I suggest you try a quart or gallon of both on a test area and see which one you like. The guarantee that Sears provides is superb and the Sherwin Williams paint is good too. It is actually a tough call to make.

Have you picked out the paint color but don't have time to paint? Find the professional painters by using my Exterior Painting & Staining Checklist. I offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Be sure to read the label and use the right brushes with the paint! Sears has brand new special brushes that allow you to put on the Weatherbeater Ultra faster and easier with better coverage.

Finally, you can cover oil based finishes with water based paints. Simply make sure the surface is clean and if it is glossy, sand it or roughen it up with a liquid deglosser.

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