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Utility Sink Video

A few measurements are needed to hang the wall mount utility sink bracket. Use a level to mark the proper height for the mounting bracket. The weight of the utility sink, full of water, will be hundreds of pounds. The use of stud anchors is recommended to prevent the tub mounting from failing. Be sure to put the hex nut on before hammering the stud into the wall.

Once the bracket is mounted on the wall, hang the utility sink and you will ready to run the water lines.


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  1. Great concept. Can it also work on a normal wood stud wall? If so my guess is that you'd have to remove a lot of sheetrock to keep the sink flush with the studs and really hit the exact center of 2 studs with some decent size screws. And have the studs about equally spaced from the center?

    • Yes, it works on a stud wall. No need to remove the drywall, but I'd probably glue a piece of Formica to the drywall as a waterproof backsplash. Using finish nails, you can accurately locate the exact center of the studs for 3-inch long lag bolts. Now, that said, you may have to remove the drywall to install solid blocking so you get enough lag bolts into wood. Put the drywall back, install the Formica about an inch down from the top lip of the sink and you're good to go.

  2. Tim,

    You're a smart guy--but you probably knew that already. Thanks for sharing your smartness. I'm a senior and not a real handy guy but I enjoy learning how to do things so when I ask or pay someone else to do things for me, I know how it should be done. I have purchased a bunch of your checklists in the past. Thanks.

    You didn't make it to Sacramento when you came out to California for the wedding. Glad you made it home okay after your unforeseen hospital stay and that you seem to have fully recovered.

    • Thanks Alan! Sac was not on the agenda even if I was feeling well. I was there about 13 years ago before the railroad museum fire. The stent came out today with no problem and I feel great!

  3. When I use stud anchors, I enlarge the hole in the bracket 1/16, so I can drill through the bracket into the concrete, and drive in the stud anchor

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