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Utility Truck Beds Video

Many years ago, Tim decided to use a special truck bed for his work truck. Regular pick up trucks just did not do the job. Utility truck beds allow you to carry lots of tools to your project site. There are secure, waterproof storage compartments on the outside of the truck body.

The inside of the utility truck body will accommodate 4 ft. x 8 ft. sheets of plywood, drywall or OSB. And still has storage areas on the sides.

Utility truck beds come with or without roofs. Roofs allow materials and large tools to remain dry and secure. Traditional pick up truck beds are open to the elements and to those who would steal your tools and/or materials. With a traditional truck bed, you have to remove all your tools when you go to pick up materials. If you do not remove them, the tools will get crushed by the sheets of plywood or drywall.

Utility truck beds have secure tool compartments with adjustable shelves. These can be set up to accommodate your particular needs. Storage boxes that fit across the bed of your pick up are good, but they do not offer the flexibility and access that utility bodies do. Check them out the next time you are in the market for a new work truck.


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