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Vacuflo Maxum 7 Central Vac Video

Tim shows off a new Vacuflo Maxum 7 Central Vac Power Unit. He offers up tips on how to install one. Watch the video below.


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  1. I've watched other videos and seen other pros tips & methods. But yours is by far the best. You also explain things clearly without talking down to your fans. I do have a question. Our property is on land that is mostly clay. So water does not absorb well or fast. Our backyard stays a swamp after hard rains and after the winter. I there anything you can suggest? I plan on building a patio and a kennel this summer. And I want to run electricity to my shed. Thanks Randolph Washington Sr.

  2. As a long time installer of central vacuum units, I am wondering why you have not vented the unit outdoors. The exhaust from the CV unit can stir up dust off the floor of your basement, rendering some of the ant-allergent properties useless. There are times when this is not possible, but it is highly recommended to do so.

    • Great question Jerry! This unit can be vented either way. The issue here is deep snow in the winter against the house where this would vent.

      I'm afraid a FUTURE homeowner will not keep the snow away from the hood, and then the unit could burn up or not work well. I try to keep the boiler room floor dust free with periodic moping, so I'm good to go! GREAT GREAT question!

  3. I am looking to install the Maxum 7 in my new house but the CFM is 110 max and my house has lot of carpet. Will it work fine or should I upgrade for a better CFM?

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