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Valley Roof Flashing Video

Valley Roof Flashing

A roof valley is a metal plate where to sections of the roof meet. Even if these roof flashings are painted, they are very noticeable. There is a way to disguise valley roof flashings so they blend into the roof. Get some rust inhibitive paint from your local paint store. Clean the flashing and start applying the paint. As soon as you have painted the metal flashing, sprinkle into the paint some of the colored roof granules.

Where do you get these color roof granules? Many stores that sell roof shingles can order the roof granules from shingle manufacturers. Get the granules that match your roof color. They very affordable. A 5 gallon bucket would have enough to cover the typical roof. Apply more granules then necessary. After a few days drying period, brush off any excess from the valleys. Your roof flashing valleys will no longer stand out from your roof.


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