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High Performance Vapor Barriers

The clear plastic poly vapor barriers you see everywhere are not high performance products. Why? They are almost always made from recycled materials. They are almost always a single ply. It is not uncommon for them to have pinholes from the manufacturing process.

High performance vapor barriers are made using two layers of virgin polyethylene. The layers are laminated at right angles to one another to make an incredible barrier. Cost? Often these products cost just 20 to 30 dollars more per roll than regular low performance products.

You find these high performance products at specialty building products stores that sell products to concrete contractors. Look in your Yellow Pages under "Concrete - Supplies / Tools."

  • Raven Industries
    VaporBlock® high performance underslab vapor retarder.
  • Sto-Cote Products, Inc.

    They make Tu-Tuf.
  • Armtec

    Makes Platon, a permanent underslab dampproofing membrane.
  • Cosella-Dorken Products, Inc.
    Makes DELTA MS Underslab.

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Author's Notes:

I received this email from Michael P, Cincinnati, OH. Here's how he helped with his crawl space problem.

"I live in Turpin Hills and wanted to thank you for your advice for sealing a crawl space. This is our third winter in our home and the basement is always much colder than previous basements from other homes. I did as you suggested and put heavy duty, thick plastic on the gravel and put doors on the opening of the crawl space. It's been a few weeks and I can see water droplets forming under the plastic. I may put a second layer of plastic for good measure. The basement is warmer and so is the room above the crawl space. I don't smell the mustiness either. Thanks again for the tip."

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